What we do

Our motto is the quest for excellence in natural winemaking. Our universe, the nature which is surrounding us. Bodegas Copaboca´s wineyards includes planted grape varieties such as Verdejo, Viura and Sauvignon Blanc. Always nearby the “Vega del Duero-Riberas de Castronuño” natural reserve. Everyone is honoured for doingwhat we are doing and workingthere. This quest for the natural environment help obtaining from this privileged area what it is offered.

As a Wine estate committed with environmental protection, about 2%  of business income isre-invested through organizations (NGO´S, Associations, Volunteer…), involved in the environmental conservation – to maintain and preserve the natural reserves of our country -, representing about 12% of Spain.

On the other hand, Copaboca supports the economic wealth of the area, thanks to the commitment with local citizenship, supporting the populationwithin the rural areas.