Bodega Copaboca is situated in Torrecilla de la Abadesa, Spain. We are part of the Spanish classification system for wines known as the Denominacion de Origen (DO) Rueda. We always search for the natural, to gain from this privileged ground all that it can offer us.

Our wines and our land belong to the natural reserve, Vega del Duero-Riberas de Castronuno. It is thanks for these lands precisely, which have been passed by birds migrating from Africa to Europe for thousands of years, to which we are able to be a part of the Natural Brands of Castilla y Leon.

Our vineyards are certified in Natural Reserve with their sustainable and environmentally friendly agro-environment practices, always chasing natural products, and are consistent with the environment and habitat in which we find ourselves. Thus, we strive for the excellence in our products and in the setting that we work in.



100% RUEDA (DO)
Made from Verdejo (white) grapes - Sauvignon Blanc are interlocked in the Gorgorito Valley, situated in one of the most southern zones of our vineyards that give the name to this wine. The characteristics of the ground make for a balanced Gorgorito wine, ideal for any occasion; with an adapted calibration perfect for pairing with pastas, seafood and white meat.


Tinta de Toro Tempranillo grapes - 100% selection. This wine comes from grapes harvested by hand from our oldest vineyards situated in the heart of the Toro (DO) branch with wines aged between 25 and 40 years. This is an intense wine and si structured in the mouth.


This red wine made from Tempranillo grapes gives a tone of intense cherry with aromas of wood, vanilla, balsamic, fruit and roasted coffee beans. The first taste is enjoyable and structured, where the tannin provides in abundance, obtaining a hardwearing post-taste. This is a wine that goes through six months in a barrel.