• frizzantes

    Oh, summer! When everything looks differently. When it seems that the rules are not so strict and we can make our habits much more flexible… We are going to talk about a drink that marries very well with the temperatures that accompany us. We will talk about the frizzantes. The habit of having an aperitif […]

  • vino vegano

    As you know, vegan people are those who do not consume any product derived from animals, be it meat or fish, or everything they produce (milk, eggs, honey …). The difference between normal wines and vegan wines is in a process that the wine undergoes to clean it of impurities before bottling, which traditionally uses […]

  • tanino

    In the world of wine and tasting, there is always a word that comes into play: tannin. A term not only reserved for sommeliers and producers, since consumers also often pronounce it. Such a characteristic touch needed a word to define it. A certain roughness and dryness in the mouth, which can even reach teeth […]

  • Juan Galindo Crianza

    At this week’s WeekendWine we are going to talk about a wine with its own name: Juan Galindo Crianza. A Ribera del Duero from Bodega Copaboca to which we have special affection. The name of this wine, Juan Galindo Crianza, comes from the patriarch of the family that runs the winery. He was a person […]