Frizzantes, bubbles of freshness

Oh, summer! When everything looks differently. When it seems that the rules are not so strict and we can make our habits much more flexible… We are going to talk about a drink that marries very well with the temperatures that accompany us. We will talk about the frizzantes.

The habit of having an aperitif or sharing some tapas before the main meal of the day is usually accompanied by a cold beer or a vermouth. It’s not a bad idea! But… Why not with a frizzante? It is ideal for a cool drink with an aperitif.

Frizzantes are drinks with a very limited alcohol content, usually from 4º to 8º. Sparks of carbonic and fruity flavor. Perfect for snacks, cocktails and highly recommended to pair with certain starters. Its versatility also accepts the sweet range, so it does not clash accompanying desserts to which it can even enhance.

Do you know how we make the best frizzantes? Our selection in the vineyard begins by choosing the best Verdejo or Moscato grapes. Then, we go to the winery for its controlled fermentation and make sure that it does not exceed the stipulated degrees in our frizzantes. Finally, we let them rest in the cold where we maintain temperature and pressure.

Our frizzantes have been awarded important prizes, such as the 2019 ConVino Oro/Gold, and enjoy a well-deserved prestige in the restaurant sector.

The Ennius collection, with its Blue, Green, Pink and White variants, provide elegant bubbles that nuances flavors to each fresher. On our website you can find them in the trends category. Visit it and you will fall in love instantly!

The Secret Moment collection and its Pink, Blue, Green and White variants are sweet frizzantes created exclusively in Bodegas Copaboca. Excellent for events, weddings, meetings, brunches and cocktails. With a refreshing mouthfeel, very sweet and with soft bubbles that reinforce its citrus and wild aroma. Choose your perfect Secret Moment for every occasion!

Now is the time, break taboos and costumbrism! Incorporate frizzantes to your moments of pleasure at any time of the day.

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