• conserva vino

    How’s the wine preserved once the bottle is opened? This question is asked very often, and although the ideal would be that there would be no remains, it’s true that there are times where we leave part of the content for days or hours later. For those inevitable occasions, we’ll give you some advice on […]

  • consejos maridaje

    When we talk about wine pairing, you surely think that red wine goes with meat and white wine goes with fish. However, the reality is that the art of pairing goes much further, and has even become a subject of controversy within the world of oenology. The truth is that, although there are certain rules […]

  • defectos vino aroma

    One of our five senses becomes a fundamental tool to detect certain defects in wine. The sense of smell allows us to perceive the details of the aroma of the wine. We can divide the perception of aromas into 4 groups: The primary aromas, which come from the strain. The secondary aromas, which come from […]

  • frizzantes

    Oh, summer! When everything looks differently. When it seems that the rules are not so strict and we can make our habits much more flexible… We are going to talk about a drink that marries very well with the temperatures that accompany us. We will talk about the frizzantes. The habit of having an aperitif […]

  • brindis blog

    The toast, although nowadays we do it almost as a routine custom, toasting encompasses a series of steps that from its origins have given it special significance. The gesture and reference of raising the glass has been practiced for hundreds of years. Among the Romans and Greeks in the 4th century AD it was already […]

  • vino vegano

    As you know, vegan people are those who do not consume any product derived from animals, be it meat or fish, or everything they produce (milk, eggs, honey …). The difference between normal wines and vegan wines is in a process that the wine undergoes to clean it of impurities before bottling, which traditionally uses […]

  • etiqueta vino

    Reading the label of a wine by itself is no feat. The important thing is to know how to interpret it and assess what the producer tells us through the label. When we go through a wine rack there are details that have to catch our attention, beyond the attractiveness of the name or the […]

  • crianza sobre lías

    Surely you have ever come across this word when looking for a good wine to buy it, or when you have been given a bottle whose label included this word: lees. It is possible that many people still do not know its meaning or its contribution to the aging process of wine. The lees are […]

  • cata de vinos

    In the world of wine there are many dogmas that oppress naturalness. The reality is that we have to be more spontaneous and remove certain complexes when tasting wine. But an excess of confidence can lead us to make mistakes that can show a bad image of us to the rest when it comes to […]

  • Longitud de la sensación

    In the world of wine there are a wide variety of concepts to describe the impression that a certain wine makes on us when tasting. From Bodegas Copaboca, we want to explain one of these insights so that both occasional and experienced drinkers understand each other when trying to describe that perception. We talk about […]

  • elegir copa

    Although it may seem like a topic for specialists, in this article we will describe a series of suggestions when choosing the type of glass to taste red wine. It is not about discarding those that we currently have in our cupboard, simply optimizing the purchase of the following glasses. One of the first details […]

  • tanino

    In the world of wine and tasting, there is always a word that comes into play: tannin. A term not only reserved for sommeliers and producers, since consumers also often pronounce it. Such a characteristic touch needed a word to define it. A certain roughness and dryness in the mouth, which can even reach teeth […]