Juan Galindo Crianza

#WeekendWine, Juan Galindo Crianza

At this week’s WeekendWine we are going to talk about a wine with its own name: Juan Galindo Crianza. A Ribera del Duero from Bodega Copaboca to which we have special affection.

The name of this wine, Juan Galindo Crianza, comes from the patriarch of the family that runs the winery. He was a person who managed to transmit to his family the love for vineyards and his work philosophy. A person who sought perfection, offering each process the time necessary for raw materials to develop their full potential.

From his life, experience and knowledge, we learned the love for things well done, giving time to time and creating the value of eternal wines. “Pos luego” made a difference on a day-to-day basis.

This red wine is the companion of our Juan Galindo Verdejo Lías, for many, the best reference of our winery. Juan Galindo Crianza is a 100% fine red single varietal that expresses the essence of the classic Riberas. Its grapes come from vineyards with a sought heterogeneity, located in the Burgos towns of Sotillo de la Ribera, La Horra and Castrillo de la Vega.

Made using traditional techniques, it is aged for 14 months in new French and American oak barrels that give it the complexity expected from a Crianza, without neglecting its harmony with the fruit. Through this passage through wood we also manage to refine the ideal point of tannicity that makes it perfect for pairing with red and roasted meats.

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