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Suggestions when tasting wine

In the world of wine there are many dogmas that oppress naturalness. The reality is that we have to be more spontaneous and remove certain complexes when tasting wine. But an excess of confidence can lead us to make mistakes that can show a bad image of us to the rest when it comes to tasting wine.

In today’s blog we are going to give you some tips and suggestions, not to try to suddenly become expert sumillers, but to be able to better understand some of the rules and protocols that characterize the act of tasting a wine. These suggestions will prevent us from making some common mistakes in the way we proceed when tasting a wine.

One of the gestures that betrays us the most is when we hold the glass. We must go directly to the stem of the glass. Avoid contact with the bowl as this alters the temperature of the wine. Think that we are holding a wine, not a gin tonic. However, we should not hold the glass with the whole hand, with three fingers plus the thumb is enough.

Another action we must do is avoid shaking the glass and moving it abruptly. With a couple or three subtle twists, light wrist movements, it’s enough to release the flavor-enhancing molecules.

Making guttural sounds is also not adequate on almost any usual occasion. Although we can see this in a tasting contest or in certain highly professional environments, do not do it in front of your friends or acquaintances. After all, it’s about using logic and common sense.

In regards to more general aspects, we recommend you to avoid spicy foods, smoking, or some foods that may distort the flavor, at least half an hour before tasting the glass of wine. The wine must be previously oxygenated the necessary time. It must rest to relieve tannins.

Remember that it is not necessary to overfill the wine glass, as we discussed in another blog article, the appropriate measure is approximately one third of the bowl.

To pair a wine with certain dishes, remember to consult the technical sheet and the tasting note of your wine, but we will discuss this in detail another day.

In conclusion, good sense and composure are the best resources when it comes to tasting wine and enjoying it to the fullest.

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