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How to preserve the wine once opened?

How’s the wine preserved once the bottle is opened? This question is asked very often, and although the ideal would be that there would be no remains, it’s true that there are times where we leave part of the content for days or hours later. For those inevitable occasions, we’ll give you some advice on how to preserve the wine once opened.

The wine bottle, once opened, comes into contact with oxygen, the greatest enemy for the conservation of wine. This contact produces a chemical reaction known as oxidation. The effect is immediate and progressive, and deteriorates its aroma and flavor. It’s a very energetic change in the conditions of the wine. Therefore, it’s advisable to cover the bottle very well, ideally with its own cork or with some type of special stopper (there is a great variety on the market), there are even some that make a kind of pre-vacuum to extract the excess air that has entered.

Another important detail is the position. Before opening, the ideal is to store it in a horizontal position, and once opened it’s better in a vertical position. Of course, we must keep our wine away from excess light, a guideline that must be taken into account whether it’s originally closed or covered once opened for later consumption.

As a special detail, the ideal would be to change it to a smaller container suitable for the remaining quantity. In this way, by reducing the space, we’ll reduce the amount of air between the liquid and the container to avoid oxidation.

More questions: Natural or chilled? It depends. If the conditions are stable temperature, not higher than 22º, we can leave it out of the fridge. If not, it’s better in the refrigerator.

Depending on the type of wine, the conditions will last for more or less days once opened. For example, sparkling wines are very short-lived and should be drunk on the same day. Red wines can last up to a week and whites or rosés much less, about four days in the best of cases.

In summary, the 4 rules to keep in mind to preserve the wine once opened are:

  1. Conveniently closed with the original cork stopper or a special one.
  2. Vertical position.
  3. Refrigerated if environmental conditions are not suitable.
  4. No direct exposure to light.

If these details are taken into account, we can continue enjoying our wines for a little longer.

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